Welcome to Pittwater Therapies

Holistic Counselling, Soul Healing and Hypnotherapy with Megan Donald.

“Clear the ‘piece’ within, to gain the peace within”  

Hi and welcome to Pittwater Therapies, my name is Megan Donald and I’m a Holistic Practitioner. I work with holistic counselling but also AFT, EFT, kineaseology and hypnotherapy. I’m here to help you to clear past issues and patterning that is no longer working for you. Sometimes we carry old unconscious beliefs or patterns that came on board when we were children. As adults, we can see an old pattern that keeps repeating in our lives even though we’re trying to move past it.

This can feel a bit like having your foot on the accelerator and the brake, but at the same time! Lots of smoke but going nowhere.

Soul Healing is a gentle but very effective way to help you move forward.  I mainly use a combination of Attractor Field Technique (AFT), muscle testing (kineseology) with holistic counselling in most sessions. This is an incredibly powerful way to help clients identify and clear negative blocking beliefs and patterns.  AFT is based on the work of David Hawkins and his Map of Human Consciousness.  To read more about this click here.  I also offer Meditation, Visualisation, designated affirmations and Hypnotherapy to support you to achieve healing, change and transformation.

In a 75 minute Soul Healing session, we will work together to:

–  clarify what you want to change

– identify and remove any blocks that are holding you back

– support and empower you to live a more authentic life.

The experience is simple and clear but also very effective. Clients usually experience an ‘aha’ moment in the session, which is very empowering.

This gives you true insight into where the issues have come from.  This recognition enables you to start shifting the blocks and changing the outcome to move forwards in your life, as your true authentic Soul self.

What is a typical Soul Healing Session like? Initially, we have a relaxed consultation to pinpoint what it is you’d like to work with, change or shift. Then, by using the Attractor Field Technique, together we identify and shift the blocking subconscious beliefs. The session usually lasts approximately 75 minutes.

– Is hypnotherapy used?
  No, hypnotherapy is not used in the Soul Healing sessions, you are completely conscious and aware.  I do offer Hypnotherapy, as required, but separately to a Soul Healing session.

How many sessions are needed?  Typically during the first session, you can experience a beneficial change or shift. However, I would recommend at least 3 sessions initially, to gain traction and begin to experience the transformation or change.

– Why is it called Soul Healing?
  Soul Healing simply refers to your ability to clear the negative patterns or beliefs that have been holding you back, preventing you from being who you truly are, your true authentic Soul self. The Soul Healing process I’ve developed is original and not related or drawn from any other organisation, person or religion.

– Is it religious based?
No, it’s not based on any religion, however, it is spiritually based and non denominational. I prefer to work with the clients’ own spiritual beliefs.

– What are some of the benefits of Soul Healing? It’s very individual but here is an example of some of the benefits clients have experienced:  change and release of negative life patterns, empowerment, illumination, relief, clarity, clearer purpose, improved relationships. A deep sense of relief and understanding from releasing the blocks that have been causing the issues.

Soul Healing, first appointment 75 minutes $135.

Subsequent appointments, 60 minutes $110.  

Skype appointments now available, 60 minutes $110.


“I just wanted to let you know that I have had an exceptionally transformational week this week. I think we must have broken through a big barrier as I hit a business goal that I have been working on for the last 18 months and by the time I noticed, I had flown right past it and was half way to the next one. I should have the next goal surpassed by tomorrow at 12noon!  Let me put this in perspective: Goal 1 – working on since 16th Jan 2014.  Goal 2 – 5 days.  Both are of the same magnitude!  Just wanted to let you know that you are part of the key that is helping me unlock the code and I am more grateful than words can express. Thank you to the moon and back times by infinity!  Much love and gratitude.” Helena

“Thanks so much for today. I came out of your session feeling just so elated, high on life and good! I also felt calm, peaceful, strong and happy. So thank you for a great session and it was extremely lovely working with you. Enjoyed it immensely.” Linda Z

“I came across a voucher for Soul Healing and was intrigued straight away, I read a little about what was on offer and booked an appointment with Megan.  I really felt at the time I needed to make some changes in my life, I was ok generally but had lots of negativity around me and was not sure how to move forward in my life as I kept making the same mistakes over and over again and was desperate to break free.  The work I did with Megan started to take affect straight away, I was so surprised by how using positive affirmations and meditations can start to heal your life, by believing in your self and giving yourself a chance.  I use these affirmations and the tools Megan gave to me everyday, I even say things out loud at work when I’m on my own when I feel its all getting too much and try to breath deeply and the fear/anger goes away.  Since coming to the center and meeting Megan, I really feel my life has changed, I feel stronger and so much has changed for the better in such a short space of time, I’m living a much more positive life.  Thank you Megan.” Gemma N

“For many years I suffered with a particular belief.  I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and studied many different healing modalities, I have been able to help many people, and although I have been able to pinpoint and understand where this belief began I have been unable to help myself.  I got to a point where it was so ingrained it crept into and crippled every area of my life.  I went to see Megan not to treat this, as by now I figured there was no hope anyway, but purely because I purchased a voucher for her Soul Healing session at a price that I couldn’t refuse 🙂  Prior to stepping into her office I felt something magical was going to transpire, although I did not feel it was going to have anything to do with my ‘belief’ – man was I wrong! Of course she found it, and she didn’t have to go yanking it out by its stubborn roots, she simply, and gently worked her magic 🙂 I didn’t believe it, but here I am, months down the track… oh the freedom!  I can’t say what the belief was because to be honest when I think of it now I just want to shake my head and laugh I am so embarrassed.  To my beautiful, kind, warm, nurturing Earth Angel Megan, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart x” Laura

“Megan is a wonderful healer, I have achieved so much in my sessions with her. She has the ability to get to the source of the problem in the gentlest way. I highly recommend her.”   Wenda

“I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude for the experience that I have had since I started working with you. As you recall I was estranged from my only brother and best friend shortly before I met you. I was overweight and treating myself quite harshly with food, alcohol and negative self talk. Since we began our journey together, I have mended the relationships with my brother and my best friend, and lost weight after taking control of my self talk and treating myself more kindly. Affirmations have become a daily ritual and I have rediscovered mediation which I do nightly before sleep to finish off the day positively. You have taught me so much about myself and how events in my child hood have caused blockages and patterns that have made my life, the past few years difficult. Uncovering and healing these has completely changed my life and things couldn’t be better for me. I count my many blessings daily and always look forward to the next session with you. Many thanks.” HD

“Megan has really helped my redefine my focus on what I really want to do with my life and what makes my heart sing. She has an acute ability to really recognise the underlying patterns that have been sabotaging that part of me that really wants to shine in my fullest light. Megan used simple yet profound techniques to move these blocks through my body. I felt so much more excited and lighter in my being when I left the session, inspired to move forward in my life with excitement and joy and come into alignment with my own divinity. Thank you.” NP

Megan has an amazing knack for getting to the kernel of an issue and identifying how to clear it. I love the way she blends her intuition, experience and her many skills to help me let go of blocks which have been holding me back in my life and move forward on a healthier path.”  Angela B

“Megan works in a gentle but empowering way, beginning with a natural discussion that brings out any issues and blocks that exist. Then, through a spiritual process, she taps into the underlying causes and helps to release them effortlessly. When you leave her you feel a relaxed calm, but you know you have changed for the better. Megan is doing powerful work which she is passionate about. Thanks Megan for such an enjoyable, peaceful experience!” Kathy H

“My session with Megan was such a freeing experience.  Megan gently helped me to identify an early childhood experience that had created a limiting reaction within me, and dissolved it.  Her AFT process is effective and also very interesting and I very much enjoyed it.  Thanks Megan, it really made a difference.”  Julia S

“Megan’s approach to Soul Healing is one of respect, love and compassion.   Though the work of AFT is seemingly subtle and gentle in nature; my results have been huge!  In just over three sessions, I was able to shift my depression.  Thank you, Megan for bringing AFT to the Northern Beaches!   Rhianna F

“My session with Megan was deeply profound.  She gently held the space for me to peel back the layers and intuitively explore what was lying behind the resistance that was showing up in a specific area of my life.  Finding that piece has allowed me to see it, acknowledge it and peacefully let it go.  I thank Megan for her beautiful, kind and intuitive way which allowed me to fully trust and open to my own process.”  Mary P